Is this the Home of the Future?

Is this the Home of the Future? The New American Home, a project that is constructed annually in conjunction with the NAHB International Builders' Show, was recently unveiled in Orlando, Fl., and some are calling it the "home of the future". Currently in its 28th year, The 2011 New American Home is designed each year...


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Synthetic Turf – 3 Tips for Buying Artificial Grass

You have done everything to make your resort property profitable. Still, you know more can be done. When you have done everything possible to improve a property inside, it’s time to look outside. At ForeverLawn, we know how to keep your lawn looking great without having to break your back – or the bank –...



Artificial Turf: Advantages of Installing Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf is a wise investment for anyone in the timeshare and vacation rental industry. Spending time discovering ways to help your property stand out from others is a factor many property owners overlook. At ForeverLawn, we know how important landscaping is when determining the value of your property. No matter what the climate or...



Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass

Having a lush, well–manicured lawn doesn't have to mean hefty maintenance or upkeep costs. Advances in artificial grass technology have resulted in cutting–edge products that are a far cry from the "astroturf" products of the 1970s. This new breed of artificial grass is realistic, sustainable, functional, and best of all, it's virtually maintenance–free. Here are...


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Is this lawn for real?

Is this lawn for real? In her search for a synthetic turf company, Kim Palmer, of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, wrote an article about DuPont ForeverLawn Select Synthetic Grass. The article, "Is this lawn for real?" discusses high-end synthetic turf, or "fancy fake grass" as she calls it, and poses several questions...



ForeverLawn helps California residents conserve water

As a result of three years of drought conditions in Southern California, residents there are looking for new, environmentally-friendly alternatives to real grass. ForeverLawn is leading the way in providing green synthetic grass solutions that not only save water, but also offer soft, functional landscaping that looks lush and natural. Read more in the USA...



EPA study confirms safety of rubber infill in artificial turf

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released results of a limited field monitoring study of artificial-turf playing fields and playgrounds constructed with recycled tire material or tire crumb. The study was intended to gain experience conducting field monitoring of recreational surfaces that contain tire crumb. EPA will use the information to help determine...



World’s Tallest Dog “Speaks” About Experience with Canine Cancer

World's Tallest Dog "Speaks" About Experience with Canine Cancer Gibson's front leg amputated after osteosarcoma disagnosis In response to the intense media interest in the recent cancer diagnosis and subsequent amputation surgery experienced by Gibson, the World's Tallest Dog, a media conference will be held on Friday, June 26, 2009, 11:00 am, at Pet Extreme,...