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ForeverLawn Inc. was created out of a desire to bring the highest quality, most technologically advanced simulated grass product to the residential and commercial landscape industry. After a few years in the landscape turf industry, Ty Allen, Brian Karmie and Dale Karmie observed that quality, uniqueness in the product, and strong business principles was missing, thus the impetus for ForeverLawn.

Dale and Brian Karmie left the computer software industry to become one of the first Astrolawn® (2002). Their dealership, which began in Albuquerque, NM, flourished and quickly grew to include Tucson, Arizona, most of New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. Ty Allen left a successful business in Indiana to become an Astrolawn® dealer representing the entire state of Florida (2003). Together, the three combined their experience and knowledge to launch ForeverLawn. Florida became the home office of ForeverLawn Inc. and ForeverLawn now has a corporate office Albuquerque, New Mexico as well.

As principals of the new corporation, Dale, Brian and Ty, are committed to the development of a successful enterprise that operates on strong Christian business principles, provides the highest quality product and service to its customers, offers a tremendous business opportunity, and treats all people with honesty, integrity and respect.

ForeverLawn has created an established dealer network with offices in over 25 cities, servicing areas that cover over 20 states as well as parts of Canada. This network represents the highest quality individuals operating with exclusive rights to those territories. The growth and success of this network can be directly attributed to people of integrity providing a superior product and service, and to the commitment ForeverLawn Inc. makes into each of its dealer.

Unlike many other companies that just resell standard in-fill turf, ForeverLawn Inc. will continue to work to create innovative advances in the industry and offer only the most advanced turf systems in the world today. Whether you are a potential customer or looking for a business opportunity, we offer our sincerest promise to you that we will treat you right and will operate with integrity.

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“Once again, we are pleased beyond our expectations! It’s so rare …. after spending such a large sum, there’s usually some ‘buyer’s remorse’ … but that doesn’t happen with ForeverLawn. Everyone involved with your company is polite, courteous, and dedicated to providing quality service and actually proud of the product. I so enjoy doing business with you. I look forward to the next time we can do business together. ” – Cathy Page, Premier Academy

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