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ForeverLawn St. Louis provides unparalleled expertise and the highest quality, natural-looking synthetic grass for residential and commercial properties in St. Charles and St. Louis, Missouri. Offering more than 20 varieties of the finest artificial grass alternatives, ForeverLawn St. Louis offers money- and resource-saving alternatives to traditional landscaping options.

ForeverLawn St. Louis serves the following counties and surrounding areas.
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Our Premium Artificial Grass Products:

  • ForeverLawn® Landscape – These premium synthetic grass products are designed to create beautiful, realistic, and natural-looking landscapes that are functional and low-maintenance. Each of our products—DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass, Fusion™, and Fresh™—are designed to withstand varying levels of foot traffic to accommodate your unique landscape.
  • K9Grass® – The synthetic grass specifically designed for dogs! The proprietary knitted Flow-Through Backing™, antimicrobial agents in the blades, and no-infill design keep dogs and dog owners happy and clean.
  • Playground Grass™ – Designed with children’s safety in mind, this artificial turf is ASTM safety rated up to 15 feet to maximize safety around high equipment.
  • SplashGrass™ – Designed to make areas near water safer and cleaner, this artificial turf features our Flow-Through Backing to efficiently drain water out of the area.
  • GolfGreens® – Our custom-designed putting greens for players of all levels provide a beautiful space for entertaining and practice.
  • SportsGrass® – Created with athletes’ needs in mind for ultimate athletic performance, this artificial turf has less infill than its predecessors so particles won’t fly into the players’ eyes.

ForeverLawn products and installations are specifically designed to service the unique market they were created for.

ForeverLawn Installed at a Park

About ForeverLawn St. Louis:

As a St. Louis resident, you are far too familiar with our long, hot summers and cold, snowy winters. If you’re like many home or business owners in the area, then keeping your lawn looking great in the midst of these drastic seasonal changes can be a challenge. ForeverLawn St. Louis General Manager Pete Wiss is pleased to bring a low-maintenance and realistic solution to the area—ForeverLawn artificial grass. ForeverLawn St. Louis is the exclusive dealer of ForeverLawn artificial grass in St. Charles and St. Louis Counties.

Pete brings with him 10 years of experience in the Parks and Rec industry during which he has managed multiple surfacing projects. He has worked with parks and rec directors, school superintendents, landscape architects, and home builders on surfacing projects, and will continue to do so with the high-quality surfacing products offered by ForeverLawn.

Whether you’re creating a new school playground or looking for a low-maintenance landscaping solution for your home, Pete and the entire ForeverLawn St. Louis team are ready to help. ForeverLawn St. Louis provides artificial grass for all sectors, including residential, commercial, religious, and government projects. Our products are backed by innovative research and development. Contact us today at 314.339.3019 to learn more!

ForeverLawn St. Louis
Pete Wiss

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