33. The Power of An Image

Have you ever made a decision based on a surface appearance?

As Dale and Brian finally accept that the next step they need to take is creating their own company, the Karmie brothers take the leap and officially establish ForeverLawn Incorporated on April 22, 2004. 

Without fully realizing what they were doing at the time, Brian and Dale began painting a picture of the national turf business they wanted to become. They took the time to develop a logo, website, and branding with the help of the “girl nextdoor,” Donna, and began planting seeds for the future of ForeverLawn.

At this point Brian and Dale emphasize the power of an image through not only their marketing, but with how their business is represented across the board. If they want to be a nationally-renowned turf company, they need to look like it.

Do you dress the part for the future you’re dreaming of?

Everyday you get to decide how you are representing yourself. The way you dress, speak, write, and act creates an image. And the image you give off to others matters

Start building the future you want by presenting yourself today in a way that represents where you want to be. 

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits

Episode Highlights: 

  • Incorporated April 22, 2004.
  • The girl next door.
  • Painting the image of what we wanted the company to be.
  • The movie trailer gets people in the seats. 
  • Clean. Simple. Professional.
  • Planting seeds that would become the company ForeverLawn is today.

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