Special Feature: The MNK Legacy Project

A project with unshakable purpose. 

As one of the most impactful people in the lives of Dale and Brian, Makenna Karmie–Dale’s daughter– lived a life that exemplified Christ’s love for others and left a truly lasting impact during her twenty years on earth. She befriended the friendless, had a spirit of adventure, and brought vivacious brightness into every room. And despite her untimely death, her legacy lives on.

The MNK Legacy Project was launched to honor and expand Makenna’s memorable impact and love for others.. Today on the podcast, MNK Legacy Project founder Derek Taylor joins Brian and Dale to introduce this new addition to Makenna’s growing legacy. 

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Makenna Karmie’s story. 
  • The impact of her love for Christ and love for others.
  • The introduction of the MNK Legacy Project. 
  • MNK Legacy Team.
  • The Mission.

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