Special Feature with Dennis Scott

Join in this special episode of Impact Without Limits as Dale and Brian interview Virginia Tech Hall of Famer, Desert Storm veteran, pastor, father and husband, Dennis Scott. Dennis shares the importance of faith guiding each season of life, elaborating through his own personal story and experience. From youth to present to where he and his wife are going next–we’re confident Dennis’ insight will propel you in your journey of becoming people of impact.

Listen in toDennis’ work ethic and his unwavering desire to serve others as we walk through his incredible journey.

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dennis’ introduction & story.
  • Virginia Tech Hall of Fame.
  • Time at the West Point Military Academy 
  • Military career.
  • Pursuing a career in pharmaceuticals.
  • The Dennis “Power Hour.”
  • Dennis’ greatest accomplishment in life.

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