34. Restarting with a New Product

Have you ever opened a present that you really wanted, but it didn’t live up to your expectations?

Brian and Dale have officially ventured to start their own artificial turf company. They’ve spent significant time building a brand and casting a vision for what they wanted their company to be, and now it’s time to get to work.

The brothers are excited to start moving the new product they spent months finding–but they quickly realize it might not be as functional as they had hoped. 

Working with a new product and unique backing causes major installation challenges,  forcing Brian and Dale to make a crucial decision: will they change direction completely, or will they find a way to make this work?

Guided by their core value of innovation, the brothers choose to press on, finding creative ways to put the product they found into action. 

When there are challenges in your path, do you change direction? Or do you recognize these obstacles as opportunities and continue to press on?

Listen in for inspiration and guidance as you navigate the inevitable obstacles on your path. 

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits.

Episode Highlights: 

  • After building a brand, they’re ready to get to work.
  • Relearning a new product. 
  • Changing direction or making it work. 
  • Innovation as a team. 
  • Easter installations.

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