August Special Feature: In Pursuit of Excellence with Mike Jarrett

This month’s bonus episode features a special guest who’s journey crossed paths with Dale and Brian’s right when they needed it most. 

Mike Jarrett, the successful founder and CEO of Jarrett Logistics, joins Dale and Brian in sharing a new part of their story: when Mike took a leap of faith and loaned thousands of dollars in shipping costs to Brian and Dale during a pivotal point in their journey. 

Mike also shares his own entrepreneurial path with Jarrett Logistics. Tune in this week to learn how his continual pursuit of excellence and “people first” culture focus has led him to become a person of impact and help others do the same.

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Jarrett’s journey
  • Infinite mindset.
  • Culture over strategy.
  • Inside Out Approach.
  • The intertwined journey of ForeverLawn(Astroturf) and Jarrett.
  • Exciting business ventures + the world’s best ice cream.

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