27. Have You Ever Misread a Road Sign?

Have you ever misread a road sign?

Sometimes signs in our lives are blatant; other times, they’re discreet. Sometimes, signs are forms of deception you have to fight through as you keep pushing forward. 

When you’re walking through challenging seasons, and all the signs tell you it’s a dead end, will you have the courage, grit, and wisdom to discern if you should keep going? Will you be able to imagine what opportunity might be on the other side?

This story picks up right as Dale and Brian say “yes” to a long-awaited business opportunity. Despite not having the best tools and crew to complete it, they break through the barriers and make it happen anyway.

Challenges continue as they approach the job site amidst frigid temperatures and drop down from a crew of eight to three after just two days on the job.

All signs tell them to quit, but for Dale and Brian, quitting is not an option.

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits 

Episode Highlights: 

  • The installation opportunity of a lifetime. 
  • Taking punch after punch: Crew quitting, no equipment, freezing temps…
  • No option but to keep moving forward.
  • After the installation, they head straight to El Paso to install turf for the home show.
  • Eli calls, saying someone told them they were out of business.
  • The Tuesday phone call…

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