29. From the Inside Out

What do people learn about you when watching you go through a difficult time?

It’s a new day and a new chapter for Brian and Dale as they wake to the reality that the business they’ve been diligently working to build is now closed.

With circumstances entirely out of their control forcing their business to a halt, there is no option to quit, so they look for a new direction. 

With few other places to turn, the two turn to their colleagues in the Astroturf network who have also found themselves out of business. Dale and Brian start to propose a new idea to their colleagues. 

It becomes clear that there is a great divide in how fellow business owners respond to difficult circumstances. The majority respond to this difficulty with a cheap “make money fast” strategy, looking for instant payoff and certainty in rewards. 

But several follow the lead of Dale and Brian as they pursue an avenue of quality, integrity, and innovation in a field where those three things were blatantly lacking. It came with many unknowns and uncertainties, but this team knew they wanted to build something that would last for decades.

Brain and Dale’s choice to stand firm in their beliefs and pursue lasting, value-driven success sets them apart from everyone else in the field–and it lays the foundation for future successes. So often, people focus on the outside appearance or what will help them achieve results the fastest, but when the going gets tough, what’s on the inside will shine through.

In times of difficulty, when you are left with the choice to rise above and stand with integrity or to take the easy way out, what will you choose? 

It wasn’t easy, but Dale and Brian will tell you: it was worth it. 

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits.

Episode Highlights: 

  • A burst of hope after the defeating call. 
  • Power in numbers with the Astrolawn dealers. 
  • The “schism” between dealers: long-term legacy business vs. quick and dirty
  • The foundation of the core values: Quality, integrity, and innovation.

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