26. Chasing Opportunity

Do you wait for the right conditions to chase opportunity?

Sometimes we like to sit back, waiting for the conditions to be right and the risks to be minimal before we charge forward. We ask ourselves if the risk really outweighs the reward. But what if, as a result, we are missing endless opportunities?

At this point in the Karmie brother’s story, they’ve just come back to Albuquerque after a defeating season, leaving them with no team, missing equipment, and forcing Dale and Brian to start from scratch. 

When they are presented with a huge opportunity requiring far more money, crew members, and knowledge than they currently had, Brian and Dale don’t hesitate for a second before saying yes. Though the risks certainly seemed to outweigh the probable rewards, Brian and Dale saw the opportunity of a lifetime with the potential to pave the way for business success. 

Instead of allowing the opportunity to pass them by, Brian and Dale decide to take on a risk and plant seeds for what they believed could be an incredibly fruitful harvest later in their journey.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Coming back from Ohio and starting from scratch – no crew, missing equipment
  • Down to one team member: Reuben
  • Taking the slow season to seize opportunities in El Paso.
  • Asking and waiting for an opportunity with Astroturf. 
  • The opportunity (or risk) of a lifetime with Astroturf.
  • Utilizing connections to make things happen.
  • Ken and Mike’s investments. 
  • The Makeshift crew of 8
  • Off to Deming…
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