24. Stay in the Fight

How Do You Define Success?

Success comes in many forms and looks different for every person. Success can be a season of steady sales, or hiring the right people, or forming a new and helpful habit.Sometimes success looks like simply moving forward. 

After seeing a boost in sales and a short season of success from the Albuquerque State Fair, Brian and Dale hit another tough month in November. They continued to face the fear of being unable to feed their families and pay bills, struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, this season, Brian and Dale consider their “success” to be defined by their will to just keep fighting. Come along  as they walk through a challenging season marked by hiring mistakes, growing pains, , lessons they learned along their business journey. 

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits.

Listen to hear two entrepreneurs exemplify just what it means to be people of impact. 

We keep trying, and we kept learning. -Dale Karmie, Episode 24

Episode Highlights: 

  • One of their most memorable projects. 
  • Innovative decisions and projects. 
  • Ceaseless alarm onsite. 
  • An unexpected project stall turning into a high-stakes basketball game. 
  • Hiring trials and errors. 

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