1. Make an Impact, Not Just a Living

Have you ever felt you were made for more than the life you’re currently living?

Stories of success and great achievement often leave us wondering how those individuals did it. Were they an overnight success? Did they face trials along the way? Like many of us, was there ever a time they wanted to give up? 

All of life is a story, according to Dale and Brian, and each one has its own triumphs and trials. Join the Karmie brothers as they tell part of their journey today, sharing the lessons they learned as they left secure, corporate-America jobs to launch a business in a new place and industry where they had no experience.

Come along as Dale and Brian share about the restlessness that propelled them to leap into the unknown, confident that they were made for more. Maybe you’ll find you  were made for more, and there’s something beyond the life you’re currently living.

Welcome to Impact Without Limits: a place where we share our story, so you can start crafting yours. Because you aren’t just on this earth to make a living–you’re here to make an impact.

Episode Highlights: 

  • How it all began.
  • Acknowledging the “restlessness” and the desire to do more.
  • A brief introduction to Fred Karmie, his life, and his journey to America.
  • Dale and Brian’s journey on a search for something more.
  • The story of the unfinished melody.
  • Why “doing what you love” isn’t enough.

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