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Chris Powell is the owner of ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay, the only distributor of ForeverLawn® artificial grass products serving Hillsborough County and the surrounding area. As the leader in synthetic grass, ForeverLawn provides innovative, environmentally friendly artificial grass solutions that require little maintenance and no water.

Powell decided to become a ForeverLawn dealer because he wanted to provide Tampa Bay and its residents with an alternative to natural grass, as the area faces ongoing water usage restrictions. With ForeverLawn artificial grass products, lawns, playgrounds, dog parks and sports fields in Tampa Bay can have a lush, well-maintained look all year long without the ongoing water and maintenance requirements associated with traditional sod.

ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay will provide artificial grass for all of ForeverLawn’s vertical markets: residential and commercial landscapes, playgrounds, sports fields, dog facilities, golf greens and water play areas. The possibilities are endless, whether you are a homeowner or business owner.

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For more information on ForeverLawn or its product lines, call ForeverLawn of Tampa Bay at 813.436.9222.

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