9. Who Are You When No One is Looking?

Who Are You When No One is Looking?

Who you are at your core always comes out eventually. In life, we have moments that tempt us to act out in frustration, but nothing positive comes from these. In today’s episode, Brian and Dale share a lesson in doing the right thing, even when you are pulled in other directions. 

The brothers had on-boarded their first ForeverLawn dealer whom they dubbed “El Paso James”. They had made several attempts to meet up with him and help him get started, but every time they set a time and place, he failed to show up. 

After many unsuccessful attempts, Dale and Brian gave their dealer one last chance. They told him they would be at his next project and that he needed to be there—along with four crew members— to learn how installs worked.

When the brothers arrived at the job site, they found two men they didn’t know and no dealer. Despite their frustration with the lack of crew members, a language barrier, and the absence of their dealer, Dale and Brian put their feelings aside and got the job done.

During their lunch break, something one of the crew members said rattled the brothers. Yet in spite of the challenges they faced, the brothers took a step back and instead used the opportunity to lead  these men by example.

Tune in to hear what the crew members said and why Dale and Brian are still talking about it many years later.

Episode Highlights: 

  • ForeverLawn’s first dealer, El Paso James
  • Efforts to get the new dealer started
  • Navigating a language barrier
  • Don’t let your frustration get the best of you
  • The cause and effect of a moment
  • Always assume someone is watching
  • Sometimes your witness is what you ‘didn’t say’

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