6. Nobody Gets Better by Being Comfortable

Have you ever sat next to someone stinky on a flight?

You’d think after the horrific install in last week’s episode, an easier road would be ahead for Dale and Brian. Think again. 

This week, join the Karmie brothers as they share about one of their first trips back to Ohio. It was anything but luxurious, and if you sat next to them on the plane, the smell would likely still be burned in your brain.

After spending time with their families, Dale and Brian trek back to New Mexico and continue their entrepreneurial journey, embarking on several new endeavors that truly test their mental toughness.

As potential customers laughed in their faces at the idea of artificial turf, Dale and Brian had two choices: would they let disbelief cripple them, or would they lean into discomfort and continue pushing forward?

Chances are that at some point in your journey, you’ll be faced with the same question. Oftentimes, what we are willing to put up with in the moment determines where we will end up in the future–and comfort rarely propels us forward.

Are you basking in comfort, or leaning into discomfort for the sake of moving forward? 

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits.

Even though we had been laughed at, ridiculed, and didn't have any success yet, we still exuded this excitement and belief because we were in the chase. -Dale Karmie, Episode 6

Episode Highlights: 

  • The importance of not making snap judgements on people.
  • The “Toys for Big Boys” show.
  • The Bic install.
  • Randy and the possible expansion to Tuscon.
  • Why you should lean into discomfort.

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