Special Episode: Troubles (Part 1) with Fred Karmie

Troubles: we all have them. What sets us apart is how we deal with them.

We’re back with our brothers Jim and Ken for another special feature of our father’s radio segment, “Moments with Fred.” In this segment, which he dubbed ‘Troubles — Part One’, he speaks on embracing and growing through our troubles. 

It’s easy to look at the challenges we face and feel sorry for ourselves, to let them slow or stop our progress. But we gain nothing when we allow our struggles to define us. If we instead embrace our troubles and view them as opportunities for learning and growth, we will begin to see the untapped positive impact they can have in our lives. 

Join us as we discuss our thoughts on the words our dad shared over 30 years ago. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Intro to the episode
  • Listening to Troubles part 1
  • Discussion with brothers
  • Applying these lessons to life

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