5. The Tax Man and the Bartered Project

Have you done your taxes yet?

Do you have a plan to get things done ahead of time, or do you find yourself procrastinating as deadlines approach? 

Whether you’re first to file your taxes or turning them in on April 14th, we’re sure you’re ahead of where we find Dale and Brian in today’s episode.

Back in 2004, the brothers had been putting off their taxes for a couple of years. Letters started rolling in from the IRS, and they knew it was finally time to buckle down and get them done.

A bit daunted by the task ahead (and their overflowing boxes of crumpled receipts), Dale and Brian reached out to a friend at church who was an accountant and asked if he did taxes on the side. Coincidentally, the friend happened to have a relative who wanted turf in their yard, so the brothers struck a deal: their taxes filed to the IRS in exchange for a newly turfed yard. 

It was the perfect deal… until Dale and Brian upheld their end of the bargain and had no leverage to ensure their taxes were completed. 

Is there a task or situation you’re currently avoiding? Learn from the Karmie brothers’ experience and make the time to get it done. Procrastination only leads to bigger problems down the road.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Falling behind on taxes
  • The Tax Man
  • The bartered job
  • Data overwritten
  • Goodbye Tax Man
  • Buckling down & getting things done
  • Some things are too important to barter for

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