1.The Refining Trial of Life

Welcome to Season Three of Impact Without Limits. 

If you’re an avid listener, you may notice that the format is slightly different. This season, the Karmie brothers will walk us through the decade-long trial that became a formative & refining season in their lives & their business.

As Brian and Dale kick off this season, they set the stage for what to expect in the coming episodes. As they talk about the peaks and valleys of this trial, we are reminded that life itself is full of peaks and valleys. Sometimes, the bigger the valley, the better the view once you reach the top.

So listen in and buckle up because you’re in for quite a ride in Season Three of Impact Without Limits!

Episode Highlights: 

  • Welcome to Season 3.
  • The trial in California.
  • You’re going to think we’re making this up.
  • If we could go back and do things differently, would we?
  • Refined by fire.
  • Life is full of peaks and valleys.
  • God knows what He’s doing.

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