15. The Lowlight Reel

Have you ever had your power shut off?

This week The Karmie Brothers take a deep dive into several of the low points in their business journey. 

If you thought this was already covered in previous episodes, you’re in for a real treat–because it only gets worse today.

From electricity getting shut off while family is visiting, to leaving a mother-in-law nearly abandoned at a movie theater due to a car repossession; these two have no shortage of worsening trials as they continue chasing their dream. If you don’t find yourself shaking your head at Dale and Brian, it’s likely because it hits a little too close to where you are right now.

Nearly two decades removed from what some would consider a nightmare, Dale and Brian reflect on what they call their “lowlight reel.” There are undoubtedly hardships, but we promise this episode is far more than a walk down nightmare lane.

If you’re dealing with something difficult, or feel like you’re at the bottom of the barrel– this episode is for you. Do you believe there is purpose in your pain? Through today’s episode, we hope that you find encouragement to press on and to see you can find purpose in the midst of all the pain. Don’t let the tough times stop you. If your purpose is right, the tough times don’t last—and as Dale and Brian prove, it’s worth seeing the other side of things.

You can use your lowlight reel and make a tremendous impact, but first, you have to keep moving forward.

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits.

If you feel like you're at the bottom of the barrel, keep going. -Brian Karmie, Episode 15

Episode Highlights: 

  • Dale and Brian’s electricity getting shut off
  • Stories of many “lows” throughout the beginning of Dale and Brian’s journey.
  • What you can learn from hard times.
  • How sometimes, our behavior in dark places is more impactful than what we say in the light.

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