3. The Discovery

The journey continues as Brian and Dale dive into their decade-long legal battle. In today’s episode, they unveil the highs and lows of the mediation process and the invaluable lessons gleaned along the way.

Here’s the thing about mediation… It only works if both parties are willing to negotiate. Yet, in the Karmie brothers’ case, they found themselves locked in a delicate dance, negotiating against their own convictions as the mediator shuttled between them and their adversaries. Despite laying bare all their cards, the mediator shared an unsettling verdict: resolution seemed unattainable without either a settlement or a trial.

However, settling wasn’t an option for the determined brothers. Tune in to the full episode to learn more about their journey through this challenging chapter.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Filing a motion to dismiss.
  • The long delay & missing information.
  • Unsuccessful mediation & negotiating with ourselves.
  • What are you willing to pay to make this go away?

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