4. The Deposition

As Brian and Dale embarked on the next stage of their legal journey, the deposition loomed ahead like an unavoidable hurdle. For those unfamiliar, a deposition is a formal legal procedure where witnesses and involved parties provide sworn testimony outside of the courtroom setting. It serves as an opportunity for both sides to document testimonies for potential use during trial proceedings.

Meanwhile, amidst the legal ordeal, life continued to unfold. Back in Ohio, ForeverLawn was experiencing significant growth and had just landed its first official high school football field right in the brothers’ hometown. Despite the thriving market and the overall progress of their business, the trial lurked over their heads like a dark cloud.

As the trial expenses mounted and the weight of the legal battle persisted, Brian and Dale found themselves enduring blow after blow throughout the arduous legal process. Despite the challenges, after a discussion with their attorney before heading into the deposition, Brian & Dale were feeling good about what would come next. Certainly, it was their time, right?

How did the deposition unfold? To uncover the twists and turns of their journey, tune in for the next chapter in their story.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Things were going well in Ohio.
  • The first official high school football field in Ohio.
  • Business is growing in other states.
  • The deposition.

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