26. The Birth of SportGrass

How do you sell a premium product in a commoditized market?

In today’s episode, Dale and Brian discuss ForverLawn’s emergence into the sports field market. When they first came onto the scene, they quickly realized that the sports field market was highly commoditized. 

ForeverLawn had a high-value, quality product, making it higher priced… So, the challenge was to find a way to compete with lower-priced, lower-quality products in a market almost solely focused on price.

As they discuss this challenge, the brothers share about the long road that eventually led to installing a SportsGrass field at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a partnership with the Cleveland Browns. 

This is a story of how ForeverLawn came into an already established market and redefined it. Join us today to hear this remarkable story of perseverance and determination. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Who’s birthday is it?
  • ForeverLawn started focused on the landscape market.
  • Starting to install sports fields.
  • The unique aspect of creating brands for each new product market.
  • SportsGrass needed a photoshoot.
  • The sports market was commoditized.
  • The challenge of selling a higher priced, higher value product.
  • Redefining the market.
  • Partnering with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Village & The Cleveland Browns.
  • The thin threads that lead to opportunity.

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