18. The Big Decision: Mistrial or Jury?

Imagine this: You’re taken to court on false accusations. The proceedings begin, and your accuser takes their time presenting their case against you. It’s been a disaster for them—they even requested a mistrial, which was denied. Finally, on Wednesday, it’s your turn to defend yourself, but the judge warns that if the case isn’t handed over to the jury by the following Tuesday, he will declare a mistrial.

You still have eager witnesses ready to testify, but with the plaintiff’s attorney trying to ‘run out the clock,’ you realize the only way to avoid a mistrial is to rest your case. You know you’re innocent, but you also understand the looming risk of continuing to try to prove it. 

What would you do?

This is the exact predicament the brothers face in this episode. As Brian typed in an email update to their family, ‘Day 11: The rollercoaster ride continues.’ 

Hop on and turn up the volume; this one is a wild ride!


Episode Highlights: 

  • The rollercoaster ride continues.
  • The blueprint for mistrial.
  • Dealer on the stand.
  • Mistrial or jury?
  • The cross-claim.
  • Spring break with the family.

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