7. The Bankruptcy Auction

In today’s episode, Dale and Brian invite listeners back into their decade-long legal saga, offering an intricate look at the complexities they encountered. 

As the narrative unfolds, the brothers navigate a whirlwind of activities, from frequent trips to California for courtroom battles, engaging in negotiations with a prominent corporation, and even participating in the bankruptcy auction for the plaintiff’s business. Remarkably, amidst these challenges, they still manage to carve out time for a much-needed escape to enjoy a college football bowl game with their brothers.

Throughout the episode, Dale and Brian candidly recount the myriad of struggles they’ve confronted along the way, detailing their escapades during travel and reflecting on the resilience that kept them afloat amidst the twists and turns of their ordeal. 

Tune in as they offer a compelling account of their journey, revealing the highs and lows of their tenacious pursuit of justice.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Who has a trial the week before Christmas?
  • The meeting with DuPont.
  • The bankruptcy auction.

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