10. The Almost Mistrial

The circus is just starting, and Dale and Brian are primed to entertain. With laughter echoing through the car, they share tales en route to court, setting the stage for a day that promised amusement and intrigue. Little did they know the unfolding events would make them question the reality of the trial itself.

As the trial commenced, the atmosphere shifted dramatically. The plaintiff’s attorney launched into questioning their ‘star witness’ in such a way that objections flew like confetti—117 in total. Dale and Brian were teetering on the edge of disbelief, wondering if they had stumbled into some surreal legal comedy. Yet, reality proved stranger when the attorney uttered words that dumbfounded everyone in the courtroom.

While Dale and Brian couldn’t help but feel relief at the favorable turn of events, their empathy extended to the plaintiff’s attorney after the day’s happenings. Ending the day with a heartfelt prayer for both his well-being and that of the plaintiff, they reflected on the unpredictable nature of justice. 

Tune in as the brothers guide you through yet another unforgettable chapter, where laughter and the law collide in unexpected ways.

Episode Highlights: 

  • JoePS & Dan’s brown suit.
  • This is a trainwreck.
  • 117 objections.
  • Empathy for the plaintiff and their attorney.

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