35. The End of An Era: The Move Back to Ohio

Have you ever driven a forklift through a busy intersection?

The time had come; Dale & Brian had decided to move their families back to Ohio. It was the end of an era, but at the same time, they were purchasing a building that would become ForeverLawn headquarters in Albuquerque.

So how would their move affect the business? Would the business continue to thrive in Albuquerque? Would things be different when they moved back home? While the business was essential to the brothers, the decision to move back was made out of the best interest of their families.

You’re in for a fun journey with this episode, filled with some laughs along the way. Listen in as they share the triumphs and the challenges they faced with this move. Through all of the ups and downs, the Karmie brothers share about how God has carried them through each decision.

Tune in for the journey, and enjoy the ride.

Episode Highlights:

  • Planting ForeverLawn HQ in Albuquerque.
  • Moving back to Ohio.
  • Committed to the good of the team.
  • Driving a forklift through a busy intersection.
  • The broken window & the stolen computer.
  • Lorie’s birthday/going away party.
  • The end of an era.
  • The eventful trip from Albuquerque to Ohio.

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