17. The 1-2 Punch

After wrapping up 10 days of trial, Dale and Brian were just getting a chance to build their case. Brian was eager to take the stand, yet they opted for a strategic decision: refraining from placing him on the stand to avoid providing an opportunity for cross-examination that might delve into sensitive financial matters.

The brothers brought in their number one dealer as a witness. As they prepared for court, he said he needed to talk and dropped a bomb on them they weren’t expecting. This came as a hard pill to swallow, especially considering only a year prior, their previous top dealer had departed from the business. It was a 1-2 punch they weren’t prepared for.

Curious about their response to this twist and the subsequent events? Tune in to unravel the unfolding story.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Building the case.
  • Hot-tub woes.
  • Gut punches flying.
  • Living in the valley.

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