14. Storytime with Uncle Dale

Last week, Brian hinted at Dale taking the stand for this week’s episode and what a captivating performance it turned out to be. Typically, witness examinations in court follow a conventional pattern of yes or no inquiries. However, Dan leaned toward open-ended questions, transforming the courtroom into what the duo affectionately calls ‘Story Time with Uncle Dale.’

Dale’s testimony provided a unique opportunity to narrate the brothers’ tale to the jury in a manner previously unexplored. True to form, the plaintiff’s attorney injected some unexpected humor into the proceedings with his probing queries, leading the courtroom to erupt in laughter.

As for those questions? Let’s just say one involved a hitman… Yes, you heard that correctly. Curious? Hit play and revel in the unfolding drama!

Episode Highlights: 

  • Dale takes the stand.
  • The hitman.
  • Did you really do everything to help my client?
  • How were you not aware that you weren’t aware?
  • Comedy in the courtroom.

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