Special Feature, Pt. 2: Servant Leadership with Jeff Evans

Welcome back to Part 2 of February’s Special Feature with Jeff Evans! If you didn’t listen to Part 1, please check it out first!

In this compelling episode, adventurer and esteemed speaker Jeff Evans delves into his gripping experiences in Mosul, Iraq, offering profound insights into navigating adversity. Jeff also opens up about his remarkable feat of guiding the first blind person to conquer the formidable heights of Mt. Everest. This record-breaking achievement resonates with invaluable lessons on trust and resilience. 

Tune in as Jeff reflects on how his Everest expedition became a crucible for mastering adversity and cultivating unwavering trust.

Episode Highlights: 

  • 25 years of climbing.
  • Jeff’s experience in Mosul, Iraq.
  • No Barriers Warriors.
  • Managing adversity.
  • Climbing Everest.
  • A record-breaking summit.

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  • Check out the No Barriers Website

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