Special Feature: Live Conference Recording – Being a High Performer in the Midst of the Unexpected

For this month’s special feature, Dale and Brian are coming to you live from the 2024 ForeverLawn Conference. 

The episode emphasizes the significance of pursuing excellence rather than perfection. The central theme revolves around acknowledging that challenges are inevitable in life, but how we conduct ourselves in those testing moments truly defines us as individuals.

From handling the hard moments to celebrating wins, the brothers share how they’ve learned to navigate the highs and lows of life and encourage listeners to keep moving forward. Everyone encounters challenges, but the decision to keep moving forward leads to your ultimate success and the positive impact you will have on those around you.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Welcome to our live recording.
  • Keeping the momentum going after the conference.
  • Despite the troubles, you’re still standing.
  • We’re in this with you.
  • Pursue excellence, not perfection.
  • Handling the challenging moments.
  • Sharing insights from the conference speakers.
  • If you don’t reach a goal – reset & keep going.
  • Recover, regroup, and move forward.
  • Let your purpose drive you.
  • Let’s make an impact together.

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