Special Feature: Josh Morris

For our final special feature of the year the Karmie brothers host Josh Morris, Executive Director of Strategy and Advancement at Harvest Ministries in Riverside, California. This ordinary,  unlikely connection has created extraordinary outcomes over the past year. 

In 2021 Dale had the idea to bring a message for Christ to the NASCAR platform and reached out to Harvest. It started as a simple bumper message of “Find Hope,” but it turned into something so much more.  Their relationship has created numerous opportunities to spread the hopeful message of Jesus Christ to thousands of people.

Learn about Harvest Ministries, Josh’s story, and the ForeverLawn x Harvest partnership throughout this episode. 

Tune in for this relationship that has brought Impact Without Limits! 

Episode Highlights: 

  • The beginning of a fruitful relationship  
  • Find hope
  • Greg Laurie – Connection, story and big movie release
  • Hard work trumps credentials

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