Special Feature:  Challenges Within The Educational System with Fred Karmie

For this month’s special feature, Dale and Brian are sharing another segment from Moments with Fred. In this segment, Fred Karmie shares his thoughts on the educational system as it stood back in the 80s. 

Fred sought higher education and the American dream when he came to America. After graduating college, he began to teach. But the educational system he found was different from what he was expecting. While he loved the students entrusted to him, he was frustrated with the system and found that many students didn’t care. This troubled Fred, who fought against all odds to obtain an education. 

While this segment was recorded 40 years ago, it is just as timely today as it was back then. We face many of the same educational challenges, some arguably worse than when Fred recorded his thoughts.

Listen along with the brothers as they glean insight and reflect on the words their father shared decades ago.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Fred Karmie’s childhood & journey to America.
  • Pursuing education in America.
  • Becoming a teacher.
  • The education system wasn’t what he expected it to be.
  • Fred shares his thoughts on education.
  • Dale & Brian reflect on Fred’s thoughts.

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