25. Something Has Got to Give: The Sale of the Albuquerque Market

What kind of questions do you attract?

This may sound like a riddle, but it’s reality – How you carry yourself will attract different questions. For this reason, if you are intentional about your actions, you can, in turn, lead people to ask the questions you are eager to answer.

On this stop in the ForeverLawn story, the Karmie brothers share about the sale of the New Mexico market and the process of training up the new team. This transition period, like any other transition, brought its own set of challenges and a couple of surprises.

Eventually, things all started to work together, and Dale & Brian went out with a bang on their final install in Albuquerque. As they often do, the brothers leave us all with a challenge to look for the ‘uncomfortable zone.’ Tune in and enjoy the journey as told by Brian and Dale Karmie.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Selling the Albuquerque market.
  • When unbelief becomes belief.
  • The architect beatdown of the Karmie brothers.
  • The story of John, the sample turf, & the big break.
  • It all started to work together.
  • Dale & Brian’s last install in Albuquerque.
  • Looking for the uncomfortable zone.
  • What questions do you attract?

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