40. Road Signs Are There for a Reason

Are you reading and understanding the road signs in front of you?

As interest and awareness of ForeverLawn grow, Brian and Dale’s knowledge of the market also continues to grow. They receive inquiry after inquiry from potential clients wanting artificial grass and expressing unique market needs. 

Instead of dismissing the unique requests because they had no idea how to make products to fulfill the growing industry needs, they recognize the road signs as an opportunity to grow. 

They begin to respond to the growing market needs with innovation, a business pillar that would make them stand out in the industry. 

If you see road signs pointing you in a particular direction, it’s time to evaluate them honestly. Don’t dismiss the signs and refuse to take action based on a lack of knowledge. Instead of focusing on why you can’t, take action and think of solutions you will offer.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Dog owners looking for a solution
  • Responding to market needs through innovation
  • The start of vertical product lines
  • What is your market telling you?

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