21. Perspective

How does where you are, change your perspective?

Sometimes we can look at the same situation as someone else but from different angles. We can be focused on the same thing but see it entirely differently. Perspective can vary greatly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean one is right and the other is wrong.

In today’s episode, Dale and Brian share about the early growth of ForeverLawn Inc. and how they were faced with a decision to focus either on the national brand or the local business. On the one hand, they were seeing great potential for growth in the Florida market with Playground Grass, but on the other hand, massive amounts of inquiries were rolling in on the ForeverLawn Inc. side. 

Ty, their friend and Florida dealer was feeling strongly that focusing on the Florida market was the way to go, but the brothers couldn’t shake the feeling that the national business was where they needed to set their focus. Tune in to hear how they worked together to move forward in the company.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Playground Grass begins in Florida
  • Selling in Florida was much different than selling in New Mexico.
  • The wave of business growth was coming.
  • Running two businesses & making plans.
  • Is it time to jettison?
  • ForeverLawn Inc. becomes the focus.

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