31. Operating with Integrity: The Playground in the Navajo Nation

How do you leave the country without leaving Arizona?

Dale and Brian recount their challenging experience installing an expansive 8,000-square-foot playground in the Navajo Nation on New Year’s Day. Despite the project’s complexity and cold weather, the brothers were determined to complete the project with integrity. Their determination to see it through led them to persist despite their difficulties.

At the time, they did not realize that this project would serve as a catalyst, opening doors to half a million square feet of future projects. It’s a testament to the idea that perseverance and commitment to doing what’s right, even in the face of adversity, can bring significant outcomes.

The brothers reflect on the importance of pushing forward through challenges, staying true to your principles, and dedicating yourself to completing tasks despite their difficulty. This experience serves as a reminder that enduring hardships with determination can often lead to unexpected and substantial rewards, providing valuable lessons in resilience and the power of unwavering commitment.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Recap of the timeline.
  • The playground in Navajo Nation.
  • Cold weather and little help.
  • Operating with integrity, even when it’s hard. 
  • A catalyst for future opportunities.

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