May Special Feature Part 2: The Lasting Impact of One Life with Jim and Ken Karmie

Every day, your life is impacting those around you–is it for better or for worse?

This week the four Karmie brothers spent time reflecting on the life of their father, Fred Karmie, and the impact he made on them. Today, we’re sharing part two of that conversation.

As you’ll hear in today’s episode, Fred Karmie was a hard worker, relentless in his pursuits, intense, productive, passionate, and occasionally pretty fun. Fred gave life his all, without thought to how far his impact would reach.

As Jim, Ken, Dale, and Brian reflect, one common theme unfolds: the impact of just one life can be extraordinarily powerful. 

It’s jolting to think about how different things might be if Fred had not made the hard decision to leave his homeland and pursue a better life in America.  The Karmie brothers, ForeverLawn, and the impact they’ve created would not exist today.

Every day counts. Your decisions matter. And as you’ll be reminded toward the end of this episode, our days here are numbered. 

The fantastic–and challenging–thing about legacy and impact is they continue long after we are gone. Is what you’re leaving behind something you’re proud of?

We hope this week’s episode inspires you to make every day count. It’s time to start living a life of Impact Without Limits.

Faith looks up. Hope looks out. Love looks all around.-Fred Karmie

Episode Highlights: 

  • The Karmie brothers share entertaining stories about being raised by Fred.
  • The importance of embracing challenging moments.
  • Reflection on the power of rekindling during the end of Fred’s life.

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