May Special Feature Part 1: The Fred Karmie Legacy with Jim and Ken Karmie

Can one life really make an impact for generations to come?

As we approach the end of the month, Dale and Brian are sharing another wonderful conversation, and this week, it’s with their very own brothers Ken and Jim Karmie. 

There’s always something special when the four Karmie brothers come together.  This week is even more spectacular as they reflect on and honor the life of their late father, Fred Karmie.

Fred was born in Syria and raised in a Muslim home. At the young age of 28, he came to America to pursue his newfound Christian faith and start a new life. Out of this pursuit many beautiful things came to fruition including his wife, Helen, and his four sons. This episode, the Karmie brothers share more on Fred’s journey to America, his character traits, and how his short 59 years created a ripple-effect of impact on not just the Karmie family, but the entire ForeverLawn Family and beyond.

If you’ve ever questioned whether what you are doing matters or not, this episode is for you. Join the Karmie brothers as they share the inspiration of Fred’s life, work, ethic, and legacy which continues to spread even today.

This episode is so packed full of goodness, Dale and Brian decided to break it into two. Stay tuned later this week for the second half of this compelling conversation!!

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits

He could do anything he set his mind to. He thought he could move our house with a truck, and he did it.-The Fred Karmie Legacy with Jim and Ken Karmie

Episode Highlights:

  •  An introduction to Jim and Ken.
  • An explanation of the audio clip at the end of every IWL episode.
  • A brief overview of Fred Karmie’s background.
  • The power of going above and beyond to build a reputation that drives your business and life.
  • The ripple effect that one man’s decisions had on hundreds of people and why this is important for everyone to remember.
  • The Karmie Brothers share memories and funny stories of Fred. 

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