11. Make The Extraordinary Your Ordinary

Has anyone ever looked at you and your life and thought, “You must be crazy!”

Welcome to the lives of young entrepreneurs Dale and Brian.

This week, Dale and Brian’s persuasive sales skills became extremely handy in convincing a family member to fly out and work with them. And it’s a good thing because had Danny known what was actually in store for him, he would likely have found something, anything, to keep him home in Florida.

Dale and Brian certainly got their money’s worth out of Danny, who was met with a week of  extremely long work hours and pulling all-nighters, unfed. Oh, did we mention he worked for free?!

Looking crazy is often not a fact but a matter of perspective. What appeared as insanity to Danny was a regular rhythm for Dale and Brian. They had to do what was necessary to get the job done.

Every day, hour, and minute counted as they set the foundation for their business. And in doing so, they took what many saw as extraordinary and made it their ordinary.

When you let purpose propel you, incredible things happen. Are you ready to take action and craft your new ordinary?

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits.

When you let passion propel you, that's when incredible things get done. - Dale Karmie, Episode 11

Episode Highlights: 

  • Danny’s “free” work trip to New Mexico.
  • Another trip to Tucson, but with Danny this time.
  • The home show in New Mexico.
  • The Doris install. 
  • The importance of letting passion propel you.

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