43.Make Business Personal

What’s the value of a relationship?

Brian and Dale have just cut ties with their manufacturer and are in the transitional period of finding a new one. They make the decision to pursue a relationship with the Peeples family and seek them out as their new manufacturer. 

What Brian and Dale would come to find out later is that the leap of faith they took to pursue this relationship would change the trajectory of their lives. They stepped out in faith and belief in the good character they saw in the Peeples, which has turned into their strongest, most incredible business relationship to this day.

Learn through this story how the value of relationships is so much more than just beneficial transactions in business. While businesses rarely spend time fostering personal relationships, those who do, see the major long-term benefits.

Next time you are in the midst of a big decision involving a relationship, make sure you are taking time to see more than just the transactional benefits of that relationship, but the truly transformational power too.

Episode Highlights: 

  • The value of a relationship
  • The value of trust
  • 17-year relationship and you’ve never had a contract
  • Begin to get involved in the production process here
  • Krystal and a line of credit
  • Story of the gardener
  • Transactional vs. Transformational relationships
  • “It’s not personal, it’s just business.”

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