Special Feature: Live From Oklahoma City – Make an Impact

For this month’s special feature, Dale and Brian share their first live recording outside the podcast recording studio. 

This episode was recorded at the 2023 ForeverLawn Dealer Conference in Oklahoma City. It will give you an inside look at both the podcast and the conference if you’ve never attended.

This episode is fun, engaging, and packed with practical insight that can apply to anyone.

At the conference every year Dale and Brian select a lineup of incredible speakers to feed into their team. This week you’ll get a recap of their favorite takeaways from this year’s speakers: pastor, speaker, and author, Craig Groeschel and former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Steve Largent.

Additionally, you’ll hear from three ForeverLawn dealers as they share where they are in their business and what tips they’ll use to propel their businesses forward in 2023.

Last but not least, Dale and Brian share a talk on accountability and goals that can apply to people from any walk of life. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Dale and Brian recap some of their favorite takeaways from the conference
  • Four fundamental changes to make if you want to grow
  • Craig Groeschel recap
  • Steve Largent recap
  • Dealer highlights: Jana Weaver from ForeverLawn Rock Hill, Kent and Kristi Weber from ForeverLawn Black Hills, and Steve and Stacie from ForeverLawn Puget Sound
  • A short talk on accountability and goals

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