Special Feature: Learn to Live in the ‘Messy Middle’

What would your past self from ten years ago think if they could fast forward to the moment you’re living in now?

Would you be proud of how far you’ve come? Would the limited perspective skew what you see? 

Last week on Impact Without Limits, Dale and Brian shared the story of Placitas Man and the impact his words of wisdom had on them. 

At the time of their conversation with him, they could hardly fathom employing more than ten people. But they trusted his advice to “Press on, work hard, and don’t look back.” 

As they applied his advice throughout their journey, the brothers found this way of working often required them to live in the “messy middle” —one of the most challenging places to be.

Today, Brian and Dale pause their Albuquerque adventure to share a glimpse of their present day, 20 years removed from that conversation with Placitas Man.

Did the advice of Placitas Man hold true throughout their business journey? And can this advice play a part in your story?

Tune into this week’s episode of Impact Without Limits to find out.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Dale & Brian move back to Ohio.
  • Noticing dominant businesses in the community.
  • People will always overestimate or underestimate you.
  • Staying “others focused.”
  • It’s all about perspective.

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