44.K9Grass Grows Legs

Do you listen or only think about what you’ll say next while someone is still talking?

This week, Brian and Dale venture to embrace a new market within the artificial turf industry to meet the requests of pet owners and the pet industry. 

Listening to the growing market needs, they heavily pursue creating a turf product suitable for pet usage. Through trial and error and months of exchanges with the manufacturer, the first K9Grass prototype was created. 

Had they ignored the market needs and failed to address consumer needs with the manufacturing plant, they would have completely missed their opportunity to transform the industry by introducing the first-ever pet-specific turf, K9Grass.

If you ever get so tunnel focused that you fail to listen to the needs and desires of others, you may throw away incredible opportunities. 

Keep the vision, but be willing to transition enough to know what opportunities are worth chasing.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Embracing a new market
  • Multiple trips to Dalton
  • “Can’t you just sell what we make?”
  • The first K9Grass prototype
  • Trial and error
  • First commercial (and new product) K9Grass Install in Florida

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