8. I’ve Got My Suit In My Bag

In this podcast episode, Dale and Brian find themselves in the midst of a whirlwind of events leading up to their trial. A week before the trial was set to begin, they were in Mexico City helping set up a new dealer, unsure if the trial would even happen given its numerous postponements. However, with no indication of further delays, they headed towards California to prepare.

As the gears of their legal proceedings start turning, Dale and Brian are struck by the surreal nature of it all. With the trial slated for a twelve-day duration, they brace themselves for the logistical complexities of an extended stay in California. Despite initial optimism during jury selection, the jurors are not quite what they expected as the trial proceeds.

Join the brothers on an emotional rollercoaster as they reflect on the twists and turns leading up to and during the trial, highlighting the intersection of personal relationships, professional challenges, and the pursuit of justice.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Setting up a new dealer in Mexico City.
  • Prepping for trial.
  • Identifying motions in limine.
  • Selecting the jurors.

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