16. It Started With Bacon

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits. As the trial progresses, tensions rise. Despite the judge warning the plaintiff that they’re losing the jury’s attention and need to expedite proceedings, little changes.

Brian takes the stand and seizes the opportunity to recount the botched job that Matt was responsible for. But as the plaintiff’s attorney starts to run out of options for witnesses and Diana falls ill, the judge adjourns early for the day.

The next day, as Diana finally takes the stand, it becomes evident that the opposing side attempts to stall and eat up time. After a lunch break, Matt shocks everyone by accusing his own attorney of incompetence, even suggesting possible drug use or a mental breakdown, and requesting a mistrial.

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Episode Highlights: 

  • You smell like bacon.
  • Let’s speed things up.
  • Brian on the stand.
  • Dinner with the attorneys.
  • We couldn’t have seen this coming.

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