March Special Feature Part 2: Is Family Your Reason, or Your Excuse? with Angie and Lorie Karmie

Do you view your family as a reason to press on and achieve your goals, or an excuse to stay put for the sake of security?

Welcome back to part two of our March special episode.

As Angie and Lorie continue sharing stories and answering questions submitted by listeners, we see how for both of them, family shaped their decisions and ultimately their stories.

If you’ve been following Dale and Brian’s journey up to this point, you already know these two families were not strangers to trials and hardships along their business journey. Today, you’ll see this theme continue as Angie and Lorie share about hardships they faced at home. But how did they navigate these hardships with young kids who depended on them? Was building a business in the midst of parenthood a mistake?

Angie and Lorie don’t shy away when sharing their thoughts on the above questions. Listen in today as they walk through the tension between providing for their families and using provision as an excuse; including kids on the adventure versus making them the center of it all; and what their thoughts are on it all nearly 20 years later.

Thank you for joining us for another week of Impact Without Limits.

Surround yourself with the right people. People who will help you and people who will believe in you. -Angie Karmie, March Special Feature Part 2

Episode Highlights: 

  • The news of the company going bankrupt.
  • The importance of using your kids as a reason vs. an excuse.
  • The value of including your kids in your adventure as opposed to making them the center of it.
  • The impact that recognizing and acting on small needs can have.

Questions from the Audience:

  • How did you create a sense of family life despite all of the effort going into the business?
  • What do you tell someone who is using their kids as an excuse to not chase their dreams?

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