8. Inaction Isn’t an Option

What do you do when you’re fully committed, but nothing goes according to plan?

Do you allow the roadblocks to paralyze you, or retreat back to safety when the going gets tough?

When moving forward felt impossible, the Karmie Brothers eliminated every safe scenario tempting them to give up. For Dale and Brian, burning the boats was the only option

It’s natural to want comfort and safety when life gets hard; but as we’ve learned, comfort does not breed success. Listen today as Dale and Brian unpack the strategy of “burning the boats” and why applying this to business and life is essential to accomplish goals.

We challenge you to burn the boats keeping you from massive action. If you want success, turning back can’t be an option. Move forward, and chase the life you’re dreaming of. 

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits.

Do. Burn the boats. Don't. Burn bridges. Do you know the difference?

Episode Highlights: 

  • The story of Cortes and burning the boats.
  • Burning the boats vs. burning bridges.
  • Getting a return from the Tucson show, and the obstacle of booking the appointments.
  • Selling the truck brakes to get to Tucson.
  • Why inaction is never an option.

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