2. Imagine What’s Possible

Have you ever wrestled with “What if?”  What did you do with it?

Maybe it’s that big business idea, the potentially life-changing invention, or a major career shift. What thought rattling through your mind keeps you asking, “what if?”  

On today’s episode, Dale and Brian share how a casual email between them sparked a “what if,” and quickly transformed into the journey of their lives. 

Had they only wrestled with their big idea and not taken any steps forward, their lives today would look drastically different. They would have missed out on all the possibilities beyond the “what if.”

The key? They had the willingness to say “yes,” before having all the answers.

Today, visualize your own “what if.” Wrestling and exploring help, but you’ll never know what opportunities lie on the other side without taking steps forward. So, what’s holding you back? 

Whatever it is keeping your dreams at bay and stopping you from taking steps forward, recognize on the other side a different life may be waiting. 

It’s time to step into your “what if.”

What if we feared regret more than we feared failure?

Episode Highlights: 

  • Questions prompted by the email and the phone call to Astro Lawn.
  • Seeing through the lens of opportunity.
  • A new idea and the trip to New York.
  • Visiting the first Astro Lawn dealer in Phoenix.
  • Vision, the ability to see what could be, and the importance of stepping out on faith.

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