27. I Went Back to Ohio

Are you open to following God’s calling on your life?

As Dale and Brian share about their journey of moving to New Mexico, building a business, and eventually moving back to Ohio, it’s easy to see the thin threads between these changes. 

It all started with an article Brian saw that Dale’s alma mater was putting in a turf field; then, the brothers were on a business trip in New Mexico and noticed people had rocks painted green in their yards to simulate grass.. Thin threads like these connect the dots and lead them to start a turf business and eventually return to Ohio to stay and establish ForeverLawn.

In late summer of 2006, Dale was visiting Ohio to take his son Derek to a football training camp when he took some time to teach his niece how to drive. While driving around, he saw a ‘for sale by owner’ sign that led him to a house. Dale later realized this was the house he and his wife Lorie had looked at online. 

As the two share, all of these decisions were made by following God’s leading on their lives. Tune in today as the brothers share how God paved the way for them to return to Ohio and plant their roots.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Dale takes Derek to Ohio for a football training camp.
  • Dale accidentally finds a house while teaching his niece to drive.
  • Thin threads that lead to different paths in life.
  • Brian buys a house in Ohio.
  • Dale shares about his time coaching football.
  • Being open to God’s leading.

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